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You can’t build a future without innovation and transformation. This requires constant change in the business models, having long-term vision and ethical commitment.
And Bonsucex is treading on that path, aligned with major technological advances that impact the markets of the companies in which it invests.  Innovation, combined with its collaborators’ work, makes up the roots for the company’s success in the new economy.



Bonsucex believes that the concept of sustainability entails the adoption of best practices in the governance of a company. For this reason, the focus for investment are companies committed to the compliance of environmental and social standards, besides continuous and ethical work for process improvement. They are companies that are engaged in initiatives that promote the educational, social, and cultural development of the Brazilian people.



Inspired by the mission of contributing to the development of culture in the country, Bonsucex supports initiatives that democratize cultural knowledge access. Helping this sector is one of the cornerstones in which the company operates in favor of society. At the headquarters of Bonsucex, there is the João Domingues Araújo Cultural Business Center, a stage for theatrical pieces and concerts. Its founder, Silvio Tini de Araújo, participates in the directorship of two major Brazilian museums: The Art Museum of São Paulo (MASP in Portuguese) and the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (MUBE in Portuguese) since their inauguration. He is also counselor for the Equestrian Brazilian Society (SHP in Portuguese) and founder of the Brazilian Association of Andalusian-Brazilian Horse Breeders (ABCAB in Portuguese).


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